How To Order OsteoProCare

Decide how much OsteoProCare you need

The recommended serving per day is between 30ml [1oz] depending on individual needs. 

Remember your body will fix things in order of life threatening importance. As such you may not experience any results in a week or a month or it may take years. It is the same as changing your diet and the results are individual. We recommend you commit to a minimum of three months to properly evaluate the results for you.

OsteoProCare or OsteoMegaCare

Osteoprocare - specially designed for joint and bone health. It contains condritin.

Osteomegacare - specially designed for vegans this product contains omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9.
* It contains no condritin and is manufactured 100% from plant derived ingredients. 

Order Online

Order OsteoProCare online directly from Life Force, the makers of Body Balance.

Order by Phone

To order in AUSTRALIA: 1800 888 306
To order in CANADA: (800) 860 0288
To order in NEW ZEALAND: 0800 445 967
To order in SINGAPORE: 800 6161 937
To order in USA: (800) 531 4877

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