Christine Olsen, Melbourne VIC

In January 1999 I had what I thought was normal health for my age. Amy and I got up at 6.30am (for her gymnastics) and got home at 7pm.

In my early 50's I thought being exhausted with many menopause symptoms was normal.

My friend Christa recommended Body Balance. For 4 days I was the same. On the 5th my energy really improved and I felt lighter in all areas of my life. My mind found things were easier to accomplish.

After 3 months I was feeling much younger, had more energy and no menopause symptoms. Now after 13 years I have all the health and vitality of a much younger person.

Another real difference is that I have not been ill in all that time. Only once that was after 2 months travelling in 22 aeroplanes; I got a flu from which I recovered in just 3 days.

The assurance of good health is a security which has gown and is now a real foundation of my health. Other benefits are; my hair grows more quickly and my nails are strong which is real proof of changes.

I now have an amazing life with an extra 2 hours every day of life to live to the full and decades of more living ahead.

I have lived 2 extra hours every day over 700 hours every year. Thus in 13 years I have gained 9, 408 extra hours of living I would not otherwise have had.

As a mature parent (I am 66 my daughter is 25) I have the energy to enjoy and keep up with her youth. Amy has also been on BB all this time too. We are a healthy and energetic family. Thank you Life Force.

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