Have Your Dreams Gone AWOL?

Do you have dreams that you have given up on? Or permanently put on hold because of a health issue?

My plan was like most peoples, passed on to me by my parents consisted of find a career, get married, buy a house, have some kids, work 40 years, retire rich so I could travel and do whatever I wanted in my retirement years. 

I was bullet proof and would never get sick or die.... I mean thoughts like that never even entered my mind. How about you?

Did you dream of dangerous visceral belly fat taking over your body and causing heart disease, stroke, heart attack, coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer, gallbladder issues and more.

According to MY GRAND PLAN I would be fit and healthy until the day I died and have plenty of money utilizing my savings, investments and Superannuation to travel and live happily ever after with my wife of 50 years. 

I certainly believed in this for a while but how things changed. A few misplaced decisions, wrong advise. And then as I approached 40 my body started to fall apart ....

For me it was my continuing battle with being over weight, failing knees and ankles and then a melanoma .... a product of a well spent youth.

Are your dreams still alive or are they slowly slipping away?

Are you working in a job that you hate? With little or no job security? Are you working in a job because you feel you have to rather than you want to? Are your dreams slipping away? Is your health comprised? Do you have no time or money to go do the things you want to?

If any part of this this sounds like you then I may have a solution to help get things back on track like has happened for me and countless others before me.

We now have evidence showing so many people's lives could have looked very different had they had the ingredients to rid the body of scary, toxic, dangerous visceral belly fat.

I am committed to Transforming bodies and lives across the world. 

Want to know more about my super alternative?