How To Order Body Balance

Decide how much Body Balance you need

The suggested serving per day is between 120ml [4 pack] and 240ml [8 pack], depending on individual needs. If you have any significant health issues we suggest you start with 240mls per day.

Remember Body Balance is food and it may show results in a week or a month or it may take three. It is the same as changing your diet and the results are individual. We recommend you commit to a minimum of three months to properly evaluate the results for you.

45 Day Money Back Guarantee - Life Force offers a 45 day money back guarantee on a first order. If you decide you do not like Body Balance or you feel it is not giving you the results you were looking for, you can return it and they will refund your payment [less shipping] – no questions asked.


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Order Online

Order Body Balance online directly from Life Force, the makers of Body Balance.

Order by Phone

  • To order in AUSTRALIA: 1800 888 306
  • To order in CANADA: (800) 860 0288 
  • To order in NEW ZEALAND: 0800 445 967
  • To order in SINGAPORE: 800 6161 937
  • To order in USA: (800) 531 4877

"It is not what happens in the first 30 days but what DOES NOT
happen in the next 30 years that matters most."